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​We are in full fiber mode, and will get photos posted asap!!
We have a wonderful supply of rovings and yarns on hand now!  Jefferson Farms Natural Fibers specializes in Paco-Vicuña fiber.  We own and operate the largest herd in the USA, and are breeding carefully, to maintain the finest fleeces with the best commercial characteristics.  All the roving and yarns are priced by actual micron count, ensuring you get the best value for your dollar.  Rovings are absolutely spectacular!  Staple length is a minimum of 3 inches, and frequently 4 inches and over. We will identify the rovings from the longer fleeces and when they are special (extra long staple, mohagany color for example) we will process them separately.  At this point we do not blend our extremely fine PV fiber, preferring to keep it all at 100% to preserve the incredibly fine handle and luster of the fiber.  We are happy to send out samples, by request.  
Prices are as follows:
Paco-Vicuña roving and yarns
Grade 0 / 12-14 micron                  37.50/ounce
Grade 1 /  15-16 micron                 37.50/ounce
Grade 2 /  17-19 micron                 30.00/ounce
Grade 3 /  20-22 micron                 20.00/ounce

Alpaca Rovings and Yarns
Grade 1 /  16-17 microns               7.50 per ounce
Grade 2 /  18-21 microns               7.50 per ounce
Grade 3 /   22-25 microns              6.00 per ounce
Grade 4+ /  26 + microns               5.00 per ounce

Corespun Yarns, made with a cotton twine core and from both PV and Alpaca fiber are available. These make wonderful woven rugs, or can be knitted on monster needles! 
 Price-3.00 per ounce